Why Structural Adhesives?

Structural Adhesives are ideal for applications that do not require extremely fast set times but do require high strength. The range of Structural Adhesive products offers a wide choice of solutions to meet the various requirements and conditions that apply to industrial design and construction.

Advantages of Fasto Structural Adhesives

  • Excellent shear and tensile strength
  • Superior solvent resistance including water and acetone.
  • Very good gap-filling properties.
  • Suitable for use on electronics or in general assembly.
Product Features Cure Time (Handling/Full) (secs/ hrs.) Temperature Resistance (°C) Pack Size (ml)
Fasto E180 High Performance High Strength 4 /24 -10 to 150 9 kg, 1.8 kg
Fasto MA15 High Performance Porous Surface 20 / 24 -25 to 125 400, 50
Fasto MA05 High Performance Porous Surface 5 / 24 -25 to 125 400, 50

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