Technologies : Silicone Sealants

Multi Purpose Highly Flexible

Fasto S950 is a one part, all weather, highly flexible, acetoxy, economical grade, multipurpose RTV Silicone sealant. Fasto S950 is suitable for bonding and sealing gear box flanges, air conditioning ducts, bus body, street lights, signing boards, solar panels and many more electrical & mechanical equipment and machines.

Property Value
Ultimate Tensile Strength (n/mm) 1.7
Hardness Shore (n/mm) 19
Handling time (mins) 30
Full cure time (hrs.) 24
Temp Resist (°C) (Continuous) -24 to 165
Temp Resist (°C) (Intermittent) 130
Pack Size 100 ml, 300 ml, 600 ml, 20 ltr, 200 ltr

Applications : Automotive | Bus Body | White Goods | Wind Mill