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Product List

Why Instant Adhesives?

Instant adhesives cure very quickly when confined between surfaces. Surface humidity on the substrates triggers the cure reaction which moves from the substrate surfaces towards the middle of the adhesive joint. Instant Adhesives are chosen for bonding small parts to achieve extremely fast fixturing. Due to their limited gap filling capacity they require close fitting surfaces, Industrial Adhesive Manufacturer, Anaerobic Adhesive. The adhesion to most substrates is excellent and the bonding strength in shear and tensile mode is very good.

Advantages Of Fasto Instant Adhesives

ProductFeaturesCure time (Handling/ Full) (Secs/ Hrs.)Temperature (°C)Pack Size (g)
Fasto CA11Multipurpose
Low Viscosity
10 / 24-20 to 11020
Fasto CA12High Performance
Low Viscosity
10 / 24-20 to 11020
Fasto CA26High Performance
Rubber Bonding
10 / 12-20 to 11020
Fasto CA01High Performance
Plastic Bonding
10 / 12-20 to 11020
Fasto CA02High Performance
Low Bloom
10 / 12-40 to 8020
Fasto CA95High Performance
Multi Surface
10 / 12-20 to 11020
Fasto CA15High Performance
Porous Surface
10 / 24-20 to 11020