Technologies : Composites

High Gloss High Chemical Resistance

Fasto 1400 is a high (HP ChRC Coating) performance, high build, smooth, fast curing two component, chemical resistance epoxy based coating system. Fasto 1400 is suitable for lining metal & concrete surfaces which are under severe chemical attacks. Fasto 1400 protects end covers, chutes, piping, pumps, foundation, steel structures, tanks, valves, etc from severe corrosion and erosion.

Compressive Strength psi Tensile Strength psi Tack Free Time / Full Cure Time (min./hrs) Temp. Resist. (*c) Pack Size*
13778 8267 ( Flexural Strength) 25 min / 24 hr -24 to +124 (dry service temperature) 5 kg 10 kg

Applications : MRO