How to choose correct Adhesives for your use

Fasto Adhesives has provided highly efficient bonding in large range of application. For high efficiency it is very important to choose right product to be applied. Choosing right Adhesives and Sealant is a bit difficult from Large rage of products from brand like Fasto. Don’t Worry We would make this simple for you. Right product can be chosen very easily by taking care of following points.

First, you need to decide that in your assembly which are the surfaces which are to be bonded. Secondly What temperature the bond will face. Third What pressure will be applied on the bond. Also, what is the main assembly, is the important part to be considered.
There are few more points which could be consider secondary issues like gap size to be filled, curing time, or fixing time of adhesive and environmental changes which effects the bond.

The best way to confirm if the Adhesive is proper for your product or not is testing. Just apply a sample of Adhesive on it and test if it is matching with all criteria or not.

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